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January/February Grocery budget

January 29th, 2006 at 09:05 pm

My husband and I both get paid on the 20th of the month so my budget for items runs from the 20th to the 20th.

I budget $250 a month for groceries to feed my family of four. I don't always stick to it, especially if we have company over often (which we love to do!). I'm planning to track my grocery budget on this blog to help keep me accountable and to have a journal of where all of my grocery money is going when I go past the $250 mark. I also need to point out that "groceries" in my budget includes all toiletries as well (even my son's diapers).

Here's my recap for the current month on groceries. First grocery shopping was on January 21st. I needed quite a few toiletries, so my bill was kind of high for this trip (I try to stay around $60 per week). I spent $79.43.

I then spent $6.12 at Target and $6.49 at Safeway for some soda pop and snack foods for my Pokeno group that I was hosting at my house on the 24th.

My second grocery shopping trip (which had to include diapers again! - for his daycare) was just yesterday, January 29th. I spent $61.19. Then I had to make a quick stop today at King Soopers and I spent $5.64 (hubby insisted on taco sauce and Stoke's green chili for the burritos at lunch!).

So, after all of that, I am only 10 days into the "month" and I have already spent $158.87 - YIKES! I need to remind myself that about $40 of that was for diapers and wipes for my son and I only have to do that about once a month at the most. Also, I now have enough groceries on hand (aside from needing another gallon of milk at some point this week) to last until at least February 8th. Still, I'm concerned that I will go over budget on this category again this month!

Current Grocery Amount remaining: $91.13

3 Responses to “January/February Grocery budget”

  1. eoft Says:

    Would washable nappies save money in your budget? :-)

  2. danaher3 Says:

    I've never really looked into it, so I'm not sure. I'm also not sure if my daycare gal would be willing to deal with cloth diapers. He spends most of his day at daycare, so that is where the majority of his diaper changes are. Thanks for the idea though - disposable diapers are quite pricey!

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