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$20 Challenge Update

January 29th, 2006 at 08:29 pm

Well, I guess that I am moving my reporting about my $20 challenge into this blog area now. Blogs are new to me - but look interesting.

Previously, I had a total of $139.95 through various means. Today I need to add in a few things. First of all, I earned a $75 bonus through a new credit union that opened up out here when I opened an account (I also received a $25 gas card!).

I also need to add another $12.40 from ebay items that have sold. I do have 8 other items listed right now, so I will add the total from those when the auctions close.

There was also a $4 check in the mail recently for a survey I did online awile back, so that will also be added to my total.

Previous Total: $139.95
ebay: $12.40
Bank bonus: $75.00
Survey: $4.00
New Total: $231.35

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